Instruments’ Performance Characteristics Systematic Review

As part of Aim 1 of this project, we completed a systematic review of the performance characteristics of instruments evaluating physical, cognitive, and mental health outcomes in ICU survivors. On this page, we present brief information about the instruments. At the end of each row is a link for an information sheet that contains even more detail for the instrument (e.g. number of items, license requirements, etc).

The first tab below contains instruments that were directly assessed for their measurement properties. The second tab contains instruments from 17 studies identified via the review, but the quality of their evaluations of measurement properties were not assessable.

*Robinson KA, Davis WE, Dinglas VD, Mendez-Tellez PA, Rabiee A, Sukrithan V, Yalamanchili R, Turnbull AE, Needham DM. A systematic review finds limited data on measurement properties of instruments measuring outcomes in adult intensive care unit survivors. Under Review.

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